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purple yoga cat mat
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Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat-Purple
Feline Yogi

Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat-Purple

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Do you have someone in your life who loves cats and/ or yoga? Why not get their kitty this unique purple play mat made out of yoga mat material. This yoga cat mat is scratcher, lounger, and toy all in one. Purr-fect gift for cat lovers and yoga lovers.

At this point you may be asking: a yoga mat for a cat? do cats do yoga? The question is: do people do yoga nearly as well as cats?

Cats are natural yogis and their limber bodies and generally relaxed natural dispositions enable them to fall into a deep meditative state- the goal of yoga asana practice. And since cats love yoga mats, why not get them this unique yoga mat made especially for cats!

This unique specialty Yoga Mat for cats is many other things all rolled into one!

A Scratcher
No- mess surface for scratching and sharpening claws

A Toy
Features a built in rope toy with a catnip stuffed natural twine ball (Please note that we use natural colored twine balls but their color may vary slightly from the photo depending on what we have in stock.)

A Lounger and Resting Mat
A comfy place for kitties to lounge and show off their yoga poses

A Feeding Station
Fun place for kitty to be served catnip or treats without messing up carpets or floor

Great for Vet Visits
Accompany kitty on vet visits because cats hate the hard slippery surface of
stainless steel examining tables

Easy to clean
Water resistant yoga mat material wipes clean easily

Modern in Design
Looks good with any home decor

The Yoga Cat Mat Toy is The Zen Way for Cats to Scratch Lounge & Play!

17 x 24 inch deluxe 1/4″ extra thick kitty yoga mat


Traditional yoga mat material used in human yoga mats
Made with phthalate free dyes and ink that is completely latex-free and non-toxic
Secured steel grommet, sisal rope, and catnip stuffed natural twine ball
Water resistant finish on yoga mat, wipes clean easily
Hand crafted
Made in L.A.