Welcome to Feline Yogi!

Pippy and Paige

Pippy and Paige

Welcome to the debut of Feline Yogi! We are Pippy and Paige and we author this blog together. Connecting with other cats and humans out there who love cats and yoga (or just cats!) as much as we do is very exciting for us. Click on the “About” tab to find out a little more about each of us.

We may not always agree on everything but the one thing we do agree on is there are too many homeless kitties in the world. We are big advocates of spay/neuter and TNR (trap neuter return) so get your kitty friends fixed!

Kitties aren’t like humans, they don’t desire to procreate, raise kittens, leave a legacy, etc… If there ever comes a day where we have a shortage of kitties, they will be happy to repopulate the species but we are far from that day. So spread the word about spay/neuter and get those kitties (and dogs and rabbits) fixed! They will live longer and have a better quality of life.

Meow and Namaste!

Pippy and Paige

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