The Yoga Cat Mat is Launching on The Grommet Today


Pippy the CEO (Cat Executive Officer) of Feline Yogi and I have some exciting news today! We just launched the Yoga Cat Mat on The Grommet Today!

The Grommet is the online launch platform for early stage consumer products from independent Makers.  Since 2008, more than 60,000 products have been evaluated by The Grommet. The Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat is one of only 2000 products -or 3% of all products considered. This is an important step for Pippy and me as we continue to develop our product and business.

The Grommet launches undiscovered products and helps them succeed. Grommets are products with purpose by people with stories to help us all Buy Differently. The Grommet launches new products every day at noon EST and today we are the featured product! The Grommet is  like ABC’s Shark Tank but consumers decide what will be a success.

Check out this fun video below and check out us out on The Grommet by clicking here!


Meow and Namaste!

Pippy and Paige