Neko: Fur-ever With Us!

Greetings Felines and the humans who serve us!

Neko: ?-2013 Rest in Peace Sweet Boy

Neko: ?-2013
Rest in Peace Sweet Boy

A very important member of our family crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this past week. Neko came to us in the summer of 2012 when my human found him in front of our house after her evening walk.  He was skinny and had multiple health problems. The vets estimated him to be between 15-20 years old. Several times he was not expected to make it but he, my humans, a very determined vet, and the rest of us kitties never gave up!  We all pulled together to see Neko through!

Neko loved bags!

Neko loved bags!

Eventually Neko’s health problems got under control and he lived a full and comfortable life with us even though it was a short period of time.  He also played an important part in developing the Feline Yogi Cat Mat and was always willing to pose for the camera and demonstrate the stellar yoga techniques that only a wise kitty of his age could do!

Lion Pose kept Neko looking young!

Lion Pose kept Neko looking young!

A few days before he transitioned, Neko suddenly stopped eating and was not feeling well. My humans took him to the vet and found out he was in heart failure and had various other complications as well.  We all enjoyed a few more days together until Neko told us he was ready to continue on the next part of his journey.

When my human's dad came to town, Neko loved curling up with him while he napped!

When my human’s dad came to town, Neko loved curling up with him while he napped!

My humans are sad and often break into tears unexpectedly. I keep reminding myself to have patience with them and that my job is to help them see that Neko is still with us and will be forever. I know it seems like we kitties are never with you humans long enough but that is part of the plan. One of the many reasons we bond with you humans on this planet is to teach you that life is eternal and nothing ever dies. Beings may change form but the story does not end there. Far from it!

Neko loved technology!

Neko loved technology!

Meow and Namaste dear Neko! You were a great kitty housemate and I wish you Godspeed on the next phase of your journey. I will see you on the other side one day and we will practice a few “downward facing cat” poses together. Just like old times!

neko the yoga cat

And God asked the feline spirit
“Are you ready to come home?”

“Oh, yes, quite so”, replied the precious soul.
“And as a cat, you know I am most able to decide anything for myself.”

“Are you coming then?” asked God
“Soon”, replied the whiskered angel.
“But I must come slowly
My human friends are troubled
For you see, they need me, quite certainly.”

“But don’t they understand?” asked God –
“That you’ll never leave them?”
“That your souls are intertwined, for all eternity,
That nothing is created or destroyed,
It just is . . . forever and ever and ever?”

“Eventually they will understand” replied the cat
“For I will “Whisper” in her heart – that I am always with her.
I just am . . . forever and ever and ever!

– Unknown


Until Next time….

Meow and Namaste to All!




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Tribute to a Very Special Yoga Kitten

yoga kitten james

Yoga Kitten Sweet Baby James on his Yoga Cat Mat

Greetings felines and the humans who serve us!

I have a very special posting this week. I am combining my weekly yoga column and my Featured Feline Yogi Yoga Cat column all into one. This week I pay special tribute to a kitten who blessed this world for a very brief yet impactful time during his stay on this planet. Please know that this post is not meant to be sad but instead a celebration of a wonderful being and a very accomplished yoga kitten.

Sweet Baby James was from a litter of lucky kittens that the Boston Animal Rescue League rescued. His foster family was one of the best. I can personally vouch for this because my human has met them (Amelia and John) and she says they were some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. Amelia writes a fabulous blog called Cat and Birdie.

During Sweet Baby James’ time on this earth, he enjoyed the other kittens, his mommy, and his wonderful human fosters. As you can see from the picture above, he is living proof that all kittens come into this world accomplished yogis. He was right at home on the Yoga Cat Mat and knew exactly what to do!

Then heaven decided it needed another angel so Sweet Baby James was called home. But here’s a secret Pippy is going to share with you humans so listen up! You poor humans grieve too much and think it’s the end. We felines understand why you feel this way because after all you are mere humans and can’t always see the big picture.  But Pippy is here to tell you that we all live on forever. This includes yoga cats.  We may go to heaven when we leave but we come back to visit you from time to time.

My human sometimes gets sad when she thinks about the cats who have owned her yet have now transitioned. I tell her to not to be sad because Pippy sees her spirit cats from time to time as so do my other cats mates. They check in on her constantly to make sure she and her husband are ok. When Pippy makes her transition one day I will check in on them as well!

Pippy has already communicated with Sweet Baby James and he wants all of us to know that he is doing well and is at peace. He is so grateful to his foster family and will love them always. Sweet Baby James has also agreed to meet Pippy when I cross over the rainbow bridge myself one day. See you on the other side Sweet Baby James! You are loved always!

Until next week….

Meow and Namaste!



Photography by Amelia Hughes.  All Rights Reserved.

 The Yoga Cat Mat is for today’s hip modern enlightenment seeking cat. If you would like to order The Yoga Cat Mat, please visit the Feline Yogi Store on Etsy.