First Cats of the United States

Socks The First Cat giving a White House briefing

Socks The First Cat giving a White House briefing


In honor of President’s Day in the U.S., Pippy and I thought it would be fun to honor some of the cats who have resided in the White House. And although Feline Yogi is a big fan of the current First Dog, Bo, we do hope that our list will encourage President Obama and his family to take in a cat or two! We’ll even send a Feline Yogi Cat Mat as a gift!

  • Tabby: Tabby was the very first First Cat of the United States of America! His human was President Abraham Lincoln’s son Tad. Lincoln agreed to bring Tabby to the White house as a result of his son’s request. Lincoln loved cats so much that he rescued three half frozen kittens during his tenure and brought them back to the White House.
  • Siam , Miss Pussy, and Piccolomini: President Rutherford B Hayes was the human of these lovely felines. Siam was the first Siamese to reach the United States in 1878. She was a gift from the American Consul in Bangkok, Thailand, to President Rutherford’s wife Lucy.
  • Slippers and Tom Quartz: These two house kitties human was President Theodore Roosevelt. Slippers was a gray, six-toed cat who would frequently fall asleep in the hallway, resulting in guests at official state banquets having to make their way around her so as not to disturb her slumber. Tom Quartz was named after the cat in Roughing It by Mark Twain.
  • Smokey, Blackie, Timmy and Tiger: President Calvin Coolidge was their human. Tiger liked to be carried around the White House by wrapping himself around the President’s neck, and Timmy allowed Coolidge’s canary to sleep between his paws!
  • Puffins: This feline’s human was President Woodrow Wilson. There’s not much information about Puffins but we can only imagine that he or she must have been rather puffy!
  • Tom Kitten: His human was Caroline Kennedy, daughter of President John F. Kennedy. Due to the President’s allergies, Tom Kitten’s stay at the White House was not very long so he took up residence in a new home. Such an esteemed feline was he that there was an obituary notice by the press when he passed in 1962.
  • Shan: This feline’s human was Susan Ford, daughter of President Gerald Ford. Shan was a beautiful Siamese cat.
  • Misty Malarky Ying Yang: This cat with the fun intriguing name was a Siamese. Her human companion was President Jimmy Carter’s daughter, Amy Carter.
  • Socks: Socks received more press than any other cat ever to live in the White House. Even a book was written about this kitty whose humans were President Bill Clinton’s family. Socks was the first cat to live in the White House since Amy Carter’s cat.
  • India “Willie”: His humans are President George W. Bush and family. A beautiful black, cat, he had been a beloved member of the Bush family for many years even before he moved into the White House.

President William McKinley and President Ronald Reagan were also owned by several cats but the cats did not move into the White House with them. Not being interested in the politics of Washington D.C., the cats chose instead to stay behind in their humans’ homes. They would reunite with them on holidays and of course after their terms were completed.

Happy President’s Day! We honor all the U.S. Presidents today for their service and those special cats who served as well!

Meow and Namaste!

Pippy and Paige


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