Fun with Yoga Blocks!

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Pippy making a comfy "tent" with her yoga blocks

Pippy making a comfy “tent” with her yoga blocks

Greetings felines and the humans who serve us!

I recently received a question regarding yoga blocks. The question was as follows: Pippy, what is the purpose of yoga blocks? They are aesthetically very appealing but how does one use them in their yoga practice?

Pippy appreciates this question and is happy to inform my readers further about yoga blocks. Yoga blocks which come in different sizes and shapes are made from a variety of materials including foam, wood, and cork and are used to maintain proper body alignment during yoga poses. Pippy thinks humans should use props as much as possible and not let your ego get in the way.Some human yoga students shy away from props because they think it’s a form of weakness to use the extra help. But lets face it humans! Not a single one of you will ever be as flexible as the cat so take all the help you can get and use a block!


Pippy loves yoga blocks! I often place one next to me while practicing yoga on my Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat.  Not because I need them to perfect my poses but because they are so much fun! There are no rules with them which is what makes them so inviting. I especially like to scratch the ones made of cork and foam, use their surface for rationing out my catnip, and paw at them when my purr-son uses them while practicing yoga at home. It’s especially funny when I knock her off balance! Buy hey, Pippy is helping her stay present and focused no matter what the challenges, right? Hee hee and Mew mew! 🙂

Until next week….

Meow and Namaste!



It's a catnip yoga block party!

It’s a catnip yoga block party!


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