Yogi Cats Fun!

Several weeks back I posted about my new book Yogi Cats which also includes a special yoga challenge written by Pippy, CEO (Cat Executive Officer) of Feline Yogi.

In addition the book includes adorable graphics and inspiring quotes of which I’m posting some of those below. In the weeks ahead, I’ll post about a special Yoga Challenge Pippy will be organizing for Instagram!

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Yogi Cats is available on Amazon, Barnes N  Noble, and Mango Media.

Meow & Namaste!

The Art of Relaxation- Feline Yogi Style

Pippy provides yoga tips, insights, and commentary for humans and felines alike.  If you have a question, comment, or topic you would like Pippy to address regarding yoga cats or yoga humans, please contact her at:  Pippy at Feline Yogi dot com.


People often ask me “Pippy what is your secret for always being so relaxed and calm while running a yoga cat mat business and keeping your humans in line?” First of all, Pippy here is a cat and by nature we are relaxed and calm. For those of you of the human species, it will take a bit more work, but I am happy to share some of my secrets. I am after all a Feline Yogini and this is my area of expertise!

yoga cat mat pose

Pippy striking a pose on her Yoga Cat Mat

I practice yoga poses and breathing exercises several times throughout each day on my Yoga Cat Mat.

Pippy having dinner

Pippy having a meal on her human’s desk chair

I make time for tasty nutritious meals and do not distract myself while eating. This means no web surfing, watching t.v. or particiapting in mundane conversations like the state of the weather.

relaxing in the sun

Pippy relaxing in a sun puddle

Relaxing in a sun puddle is a must every single day.

Sphinx Pose

Pippy pretending to be a Sphinx

I often like to strike a pose and pretend I’m a spinx in ancient Egyptian times.  Fantasizing sparks my creative energy!

Cat fight

Pippy “playing” with one of her cat housemates

Terrorizing ( I mean playing) with the other cats in my household.

Cat Nap

Pippy loves her cat naps

Frequent naps throughout the day keep me alert and energetic during my waking hours. I can get more done in three hours than most people can in two days!

Bird watching

Pippy enjoying the birds outside her window

Last but not least I always take time to do something entertaining and fun. I love watching the birds outside my window and plotting how I might one day be able to go outside and eat them (I mean meet them!)

Until next time…..

Meow and Namaste!



 The Yoga Cat Mat is for today’s hip modern enlightenment seeking cat. If you would like to order The Yoga Cat Mat, please visit the Feline Yogi Store on Etsy.

Overall Health Benefits of Yoga-Feline Style

Pippy’s Yoga Column provides yoga tips and insights for humans and felines alike.  If you have a question, comment or topic you would like Pippy to address, please contact her at:   Pippy at Feline Yogi dot com.

Pippy taking time to stop and enjoy the flowers!

Pippy taking time to stop and enjoy the flowers!

Greetings felines and the humans who serve us. Pippy welcomes you to the beginning of the human cultural work week by wishing you a Happy Monday! I think the felines will agree with me when I say I have never understood the human need to name chunks of time with seven words that repeat themselves over and over but then Pippy (thank God) is not human!

Speaking of humans, a human writes to Pippy this week with the following question: Pippy can you share with me some of the overall health benefits that you have reaped from  your yoga practice? I am thinking of starting a yoga practice and need some motivation.

Pippy is in great health due to my ongoing yoga practice and more than happy to share the benefits I have reaped.

  • SOUND SLEEP: Pippy sleeps very soundly and never has trouble doing so. While sleeping I have vivid vibrant dreams. I often dream I am a cat in Ancient Egypt and humans everywhere are falling at my feet singing my praises and chanting the following: Pippy, Pippy, Pippy-You are a beautiful feline Goddess and we adore and worship you!
  • EXCELLENT HEARING SKILLS: Pippy can be in a deep deep slumber on the other side of the house far far away from the kitchen but I can hear a can opener coming out of the kitchen drawer practically before it happens!
  • CRAVES HEALTHY FOOD:  Pippy’s high protein diet  keeps me healthy and strong. I do admit that I occasionally steal the pita bread and tortilla chips off the kitchen cabinet when the humans aren’t looking. I even got into the butter this past weekend. The female human was not amused but I thought it was really funny and yummy!
  • LESS STRESS: As a young kitten Pippy had an epiphany while deep into downward facing cat pose.  I suddenly realized there was no need to ever stress out about any of my needs being met because that’s what humans are for! And they are so good at it and must enjoy it otherwise they would take steps to stop, don’t  you think?
  • IMPROVED CONCENTRATION: Pippy can concentrate one one object for hours on end. For example, I often sit close to the at the refrigerator and stare intently because sooner or later one of the humans will open it and I will then demand a yummy treat!

Until next week….

Meow and Namaste!



 The Yoga Cat Mat is for today’s hip modern enlightenment seeking cat. If you would like to order The Yoga Cat Mat, please visit the Feline Yogi Store on Etsy.