Practicing Yoga Off the Mat-One Cat at a Time!

The Kitties in the Hodges Household waiting to be fed

The Kitties in the Hodges household hanging out in the kitchen waiting to be fed

As much as I adore this magnificent species, let’s be honest feline lovers, cats can be rather challenging to live with at times. That unexpected swat during what you thought was a peaceful petting session, or waking you up at 3 a.m. for a snack can severely test your equanimity. Since my karma in this life is to live in captivity by beautiful little felines, my yoga practice keeps me grounded and patient thus fulfilling my dharma of giving excellent service to those of the feline persuasion with nary a complaint.

The cats I live with and interact with on a daily basis keep me on my toes and there is never a shortage of episodes to practice yoga off the mat! Like the other day for example. After a 90 minute yoga class which included some intense backbends, I arrived home feeling rested and calm. Was I able to continue that relaxed Zen feeling? The prospects did not look good.

The community kitties outdoors were ready for their early evening feeding and were staring at me intently through the glass door.  The indoor felines would barely let me take off my shoes and put down my things before they were circling my feet and daring me to ignore them. Suddenly everyone became rather chatty and I could not hear myself think over the chorus of Meows!

It was 4:00 p.m. and there was an hour to go before feeding time. What to do? Should I make them wait until the scheduled time? They all looked so cute and saying no to cats is not one of my stronger points. Should I give in and feed them I asked myself. So what ended up happening? I of course gave in but you knew that without me even having to tell you!  And remember I wanted to keep that relaxed Zen feeling. I would have hated for that hour and half I spent on the yoga mat to have been all for naught!

 Meow and Namaste!


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