Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Update

I practice yoga everyday!

Yoga Cat and Master Feline Yogini Pippy


Greetings Felines and the humans who serve you!

Feline Yogi has taken quite a hiatus and it has been several months (in reality well over a year!) since we’ve last blogged. I know many of you follow us on Instagram, the social media outlet we are most active on. Between making the Yoga Cat Mat, managing our business, and of course making time for our own yoga practice, we just have not had the capacity to blog as much.

Although we will not be blogging every day, we will be updating this blog much more often in the days ahead. Sometimes to let you know of something exciting that is happening and other times to share some pictures of our wonderful feline catstomers practicing their yoga on the Feline Yogi Cat Mat.

Speaking of cats practicing their yoga on the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat, here’s a picture of the very accomplished Fredrick about to practice downward facing cat pose!


Fredrcik gets ready to strike that pose!

Fredrick getting ready to strike a “downward facing cat” pose!

Meow and Namaste all!

Pippy the Feline Yogini and her human Paige