Feline Yogi Welcomes our new Catstomers!

Greetings Felines and the humans who serve you!

It’s Pippy the Feline Yogini here and I’m happy to report we are growing and bringing  in lots of new customers or catstomers as I like to call them!  We are not only on Etsy these days but The Grommet, Amazon, Modern Cat, and various other boutique sites such as Hauspanther and My Three Cats & Co!

Whether you are new to Feline Yogi or old friends, please know that we are committed to making an excellent yet safe and fun product for cats everywhere. When creating the Yoga Cat Mat, we tested it out on numerous kitties, and we consulted the advice of cat lovers and veterinarians.

TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets, & More) which  gives you honest reviews of family products including toys, baby products, pet toys, kids’ electronics, video games, books, mobile apps, and more gave us  a paws up and they named us as one of the “Most Wanted Cat Toys of 2015” . See the video below for more info:


Meow & Namaste!

Pippy, CEO (Cat Executive Officer of Feline Yogi)