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Your yoga mat is a cat magnet.

Studies show it takes an estimated 4.9 seconds for a cat to locate and claim any yoga mat that is unfurled within 30 yards of its nose and tail. The problem has been well documented on YouTube, but a solution has long eluded humans.

That’s why we created the Feline Yogi Cat Mat. It’s all theirs, on which to do downward facing whatever-they-want. And it comes with accessories to increase their fun.

Answers to questions Feline Yogi is often asked:

Why should I get a yoga mat for my cat?

All cats need their own yoga mat. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand this; your cat does.

Do cats really do yoga?

The questions is, do people do yoga nearly as well as cats?

Seriously, do cats really do yoga?

According to scholars, felines have been practicing yoga for at least 5,000 years. They are the original practitioners, as their limber bodies and generally relaxed, natural dispositions enable them to fall into a deep meditative state—the goal of yoga asana practice.

What if my cat scratches up the Yoga Cat Mat Toy?

That is the point, human. Better the mat than your couch, your carpet, your lamp shade, or all the toilet paper rolls in the house. These are, incidentally, highly skillful, ancient moves known as clawsoutbewarenowasana in Sanskrit.

Will my cat suddenly start doing advanced yoga poses on the Yoga Cat Mat?

Resting pose is an advanced pose.

What else do I need to know about this amazing feline lifestyle tool?

This unique specialty mat for your cat is many things all rolled into one. It’s:
•    A no-mess surface for scratching and sharpening claws;
•    A toy featuring a cat-sanctioned sisal rope with a catnip-stuffed ball, or our special Yoga Star toy;
•    A lounger and resting mat;
•    A feeding station where your cat can be served catnip or treats without messing up carpets or floors;
•    Great for vet visits, because how would you like to have to sit on those cold, stainless steel examination tables?
•    Easy to clean
•    Available in six colors: olive green, slate blue, purple, red, pink, and black—all good backdrops for taking photos and video of your cat to upload to YouTube.

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