The Yoga Cat Mat Toy was created by Paige Guthrie Hodges and Pippy. Together they run Feline Yogi, and are committed to producing the best yoga cat mat toys for our enlightened feline friends. The Yoga Cat Mat Toy is proudly made in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Yoga Cat Pippy-CEOFelineYogiAbout Pippy

Pippy is the resident expert on yoga. A master yogini, she is the CEO (Cat-Certified Executive Officer) of Feline Yogi and tester-approver of all its products.


paige portrait 1aAbout Paige

Paige is companion and steward of several mischievous felines with whom she used to share her yoga mat, until she co-created the Yoga Cat Toy Mat. Originally from the South (Alabama), she now lives in LA with a husband, a bunch of cats, and a turtle named Speed.

Meow and Namaste,
Paige & Pippy

*Feline Yogi donates a portion of each mat sold to help homeless cats.