A Yoga Cat’s Work is Never Done!

Greetings Felines and the humans who serve us!

Making sure my human is not slacking off!

It’s been a busy summer at Feline Yogi. As CEO I wear many hats. I do quite a bit of multitasking and manage an employee who belongs to that most impossible of species -the human!

I wish I had kitties as employees but such is not the case. Working with humans has taught me patience and acceptance. No wonder we felines are such great yogis. We are constantly given the opportunity to cultivate equanimity. And we do it well, don’t we?

I know I have been lax on my blogging this summer but don’t think for a minute that Pippy has been slacking off! Now my human is a different story! I have made the executive decision (one gets to do this when one is CEO) that Feline Yogi needs to concentrate on the retail end of our business a bit more at this time.  My human and I have been busy with yoga cat mat production and developing some new products for kitties made out of you guessed it- yoga mat material!  We’ll keep you posted in the months ahead.

This does not mean Pippy will not be blogging. I will! I just may not be blogging every single week but I will pop in several times a month.  You can always join me on Facebook and of course I’m available by email at pippy@felineyogi.com

Here we are featured on Fab Europe in German!

Here we are featured on Fab Europe in German!

Last but not least Feline Yogi did a sale on Fab Europe a few weeks ago. Click on the image above for more info but you won’t be able to read it unless you speak German. I speak all languages so it wasn’t a problem for me.

Some  pictures of our new yoga mat colors were needed for the sale. A fabulous L.A. based photographer named Susan Weingartner came over to take our pictures. I thought I would be mainly supervising the photo shoot but Pippy was needed as a model as well! Since I do what it takes, I willingly agreed to pose on the purple mat. What do you think? Am I Yoga Journal material?

Posing on the Purple Yoga Cat Mat

Until next time…..

Meow and Namaste!




  The Yoga Cat Mat is for today’s hip modern enlightenment seeking cat. If you would like to order The Yoga Cat Mat, please visit the Feline Yogi Store on Etsy.

5 thoughts on “A Yoga Cat’s Work is Never Done!

  1. Wow Pippy! This is exciting news! Very much looking forward to new products and also to learning how to be more zen. We love our Feline Yogi mats…and we are also impressed that you can speak all languages!

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