Yogi Cats: A Yoga Book for Humans


If you like Yoga and Cats then my new book Yogi Cats is just for people like you! Yes, this yoga instructional book is for the humans because cats don’t need a yoga book! They are the ultimate yogis! No other creature on the planet embodies the spirit of Yoga quite like the feline.

In Yogi Cats, you will learn yoga techniques with adorable little energetic kitties!  And, Pippy, the CEO (Cat Executive Officer) of Feline Yogi has some special words of wisdom and a yoga challenge to boot!

You can order Yogi Cats on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Mango!


i really should have gotten credit for this book as the author

Pippy (CEO) Cat Executive Officer of Feline Yogi posing with the book she contributed to by writing a yoga challenge for humans!